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3 Simple Ways To Positively Impact Your Community!

Have you ever pondered about how to make a difference, but quickly became overwhelmed at the thought? If so, you’re not alone. Making a positive impact may seem like quite a daunting undertaking, but at Unveiling Africa, we’re up to the task. Unveiling Africa aims to transform Africa through its youth by equipping them with the skills necessary to move the continent forward. Here are three great ideas to get you towing the rewarding path of giving back to the community and advancing social change.


Volunteering is simply offering yourself for a service at no cost. Not only is it a great way to do your part in making a change, but it is also a good way to network, make connections and also a great addition to your CV. Simply set aside a fixed time each day week or month (depending on your schedule), where you offer your services for free. Organizations such as food banks, orphanages and homeless shelters rely heavily on the generosity of its volunteers. By volunteering to serve meals, clean up or even render your professional services at no cost, these organizations have one less thing to worry about. Volunteering requires commitment and flexible schedules. In order to get started, research local organizations in your area who would benefit from your assistance, and set up a meeting. For those who are unable to volunteer, don’t fret, fundraising is always an option.


Fundraising involves proactively requesting and gathering donations and contributions (generally monetary), towards a particular goal. This can be achieved through enjoyable means such as by organizing a bake sale, an event where a registration fee is charged, or even an auction whereby all the proceeds go towards your goal. Fundraisers are a fun and exciting way to get others involved while raising money for a good cause. If you’re not able to volunteer your time to an organization of your choice, a great idea to give back is to organize a fundraiser on its behalf. Tap into your network of close friends, colleagues or relatives and get them excited for your cause! To get started, decide on a cause, an event to generate funds, what organization the proceed will be donated to, and you’re set to go!


For individuals who aren’t willing or able to get involved directly through volunteering or fundraising, donating is the perfect alternative. Donations do not always have to be monetary; food, books, clothes and even knowledge are viable options. Depending on how much of an impact one is willing to make, organizing a donation drive is a great way to receive a large amount of donations while getting others involved in your cause. On a smaller scale, you can choose to go it alone by simply donating personal effects or funds to your local charity.


Sustainable social change does not occur overnight but can be achieved by taking little steps towards this goal. Through volunteering, fundraising or donating, you can be a change agent and positively impact your community. Get involved with Unveiling Africa today!

Update: This post was originally uploaded here in September 2016. Since then, i’ve been volunteering with UVA as a Digital Brand Manager, managing various aspects of their digital marketing. Check out my LinkedIn for more!

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