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From Bordeaux to Lagos: A Tale of New Beginnings…

April 25th 2017, I got an offer.

I had just returned home to Toronto after spending a little over a year in Bordeaux where I was attending Business school. What next? I knew I wanted to explore opportunities in my home country Nigeria, but I also relished the Canadian comforts I had grown accustomed to over the past 8-ish years. I was at a crossroads, do I stay back, play it safe and cash out on this MBA? Or do I take the risky plunge into the unpredictable West African waters where -in my opinion- I’d probably be earning, next to nothing..?

And then there is NYSC; the dreaded year long NYSC. NYSC is an acronym for the National Youth Service Corps. If you ask the Nigerian government, it’s a prestigious program set up for Nigerian graduates to give back to their country and promote unity. If you ask me, it’s a waste of a year of my life and essentially slave labor; but don’t quote me.

Weeks before my MBA program came to an end, I commenced my job search. I was open to opportunities and ready for challenges with no geographic restrictions in mind. By the time I returned to Toronto, I had interviews lined up and offers abound. One particular offer stood out- Webcoupers. I had gone through quite a number of interview stages with this agency which said to me they weren’t playing around. Seeing their drive, passion and strong desire to rewrite the narrative of what “Digital” is in Africa and to Africans had me revved up to be a part of the team and the mission. On April 25th 2017, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Offer-Negotiations-Agreement, and just a short week later, I was on a flight to Lagos, Nigeria to begin my new life.

Webcoupers is a full service creative agency in Lagos, Nigeria with digital at its core. It is home to some of the most intelligent, innovative, hard working, creative and amazing individuals I have ever worked with. No joke. I came in as a Senior Account Manager, fondly called “SAM” and my key duties were to grow the organization, lead a team of young talented marketing rockstars, and develop mind blowing marketing strategies for potential and existing clients, all while managing several projects at once. It was quite the balancing act and I savored every last bit of it. My colleagues became my family and I in return became a pseudo-therapist, listening to personal problems, squashing office squabbles and most of all encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves, within and outside the confines of the workplace. Though my position as Senior Account Manager was deeply rooted in offline and online marketing, my time there exposed me to a wide array of their other services ranging from web design to software development, and everything in between! I had the privilege of picking the brains of some of Nigeria’s brightest in the tech ecosystem on a daily basis -a priceless perk, and amass an unbelievable wealth of knowledge in just one short year. The awesome executive team, my bosses, were always flexible, helpful, understanding and open. Webcoupers made my -initially daunting- move back to Nigeria as seamless and pleasant as possible. I could not have had it any better.

March 23rd 2018, I got an offer.

Fast forward to today, NYSC has come to a much anticipated end and the Branding Powerhouse is about to embark on her most challenging adventure yet. On March 23rd 2018, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. I will be taking on a new role as Director of the Ringier Digital Marketing Academy, Africa and will be tasked with developing and running the RDM Academy across all African markets. Ringier, established in 1833, is a Swiss media group operating in 19 countries across the world. You could say it’s big deal; Huuuuge! *In my Donald Trump voice*. The RDM Academy, an authorized partner of the Digital Marketing InstituteIreland offers the internationally accredited Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. According to DMI, 95% of graduates are currently employed, 88% are working at Senior or Management level and 81% were promoted after completing the diploma. Through this partnership, the RDM Academy is able to offer this diploma here in Lagos, Nigeria at half the actual price!

I look forward to this new chapter with Ringier, willing as always to take on the good, the bad and the not-so-pretty; forging onwards on my mission to preach the transformative message of Digital in Africa.

Wish me luck!


Update: This post was originally uploaded on April 2018 on a different platform. Check out my LinkedIn for more!



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