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The Cobbler’s Child With No Shoes: Why I Became My Own Client

Feeling stuck? You’re not alone. Gaining clarity is no easy task. The need to make a change but being unsure where to start is more normal than you think, especially as it relates to your career or your business.

Helping others cut through the noise, gain clarity and stand out comes naturally to me; it’s a breeze really. However, when it comes to working on growing my brand, that’s a completely different story. Hands up if you can relate!

It brings to mind the proverbial cobbler’s children that have no shoes; I spend so much time serving others through my skill sets that I often neglect working on my own brand! *Cue tragic music*. When I published my eBook on personal branding 2 years ago, I touched on 3 R’s; Reflect, Rebrand and Reinvent. Well, what better time for self reflection and change than a new year?

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks putting in work and revamping my personal brand. It’s no news that having a strong personal brand sets you apart and above the pack, especially in this super competitive digital age. I refuse to get so caught up pushing other brands forward that I leave mine behind. So, I decided to start from scratch and treat myself as I would treat a brand new client. I set a couple of SMART deliverables to crush by the end of my self-consultation sessions:

1. A new LinkedIn headline:

I’ve been blessed with close to equal use of both the left side of my brain responsible for logical and analytical thinking, as well as the right side of my brain which houses creativity and innovation. No, seriously it’s true. It’s a gift really, which led me to opt for a bit of storytelling in my new headline “The Sweet Spot Where Digital Strategy & Creativity Meet”. Quite apt if I do say so myself. What unique gift do you bring to the table in your business or workplace?

2. A clearer and more succinct personal brand statement: I came up with about six variations of this to drive home who I am and the value I offer. Of course, six may seem a bit excessive to most but hey! Story of my life. Here are the 3 main questions I had to ask myself as I tackled this task:

  • Who Do I Serve?
  • What Problem Do I Solve?
  • What Results Do I Achieve For My Target Audience?

Of course, different individuals and brands will have nuances to take into account, but the aforementioned questions serve as a foundation to build on. Answering these questions, I was able to develop my new personal brand statement or elevator pitch as it is also called: “I develop creative strategies to help you cut through the noise, putting you front and centre of your desired audience online.” My other versions contain my Unique Selling Point which highlight how I solve question #2 in my own unique way, and I continue to refine them. When was the last time you asked yourself these questions?

3. A digital audit of all my social media platforms: All my social media accounts are a reflection of myself, my character and my personal brand, be it TikTok, Instagram or LinkedIn. By reviewing and updating my content, bios and profile pictures, I’m able to reflect a consistent theme that’s aligned with my personal brand. Do your public social media accounts relay conflicting information?

Whether you’re a 9-5er, an entrepreneur or both, getting clear on who you are and what value you offer is a great first step into seeing through the fog of “overwhelm”, and eventually snag the opportunity or client of your dreams. So, are you ready to make a move?


*This post was originally shared here on Feb 4, 2020

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